Pocket Starship


I am Richard Clifford, game developer and all around technology enthusiast. Please enjoy looking around my website which links to the games I've made as a solo developer along with my more recent stint working at One Thumb Mobile and resposible for multiple release of Celtic Heroes on iOS and android.

I like long pages.

Skills Overview
C# 5+ years C# development in games, from XNA, Unity, winform, .net server
Unity multiple features to Celtic Heroes MMO notably rebuilt UI, pets, factions
html & css www.pocketstarship.com - built with markdown and custom css
SQL maintained live & internal MySQL database, adding schema as required for features
software Visual Studio, TortoiseSVN, Jira, Photoshop, MS Access, MySql, SQLToad, Softimage

The Future

Looking to broaden my experience in games, technology, software, and life in general. Thanks for looking around my site and if you have any questions please get in touch. :)

"Second star to the right, and straight on til morning."